Accepting the Man Cave

2 guys laughing, drinking beer and watching TV

Man Cave. It conjures up images of bear skins, clubs and dirt floors. It might not even be called cave at your place. Maybe it’s manland, manspace or mancturary but whatever the name, it’s a metaphor describing a specific room dedicated to all things male.

Mancaves are united by a singular and universal purpose and that’s to be away from women and all forms of female sensibilities. It doesn’t matter where your space is; just that it is your space. Men, manspace is your right whether you’re the sports guy, the game master, the model maker, a trekkie, a yoga guru or channelling your inner Einstein you must rise up and claim your space. Or risk never having space from frilly, floral cushions forever.

And no girlfriends, wives, or partners, you can’t decorate a manspace for your guy. Face it you are a chick. He’s a bloke. And this can only be handled by the man.

So guys this is your moment. Start by thinking big. Big screen that is, then accessorise with your totems.  Sports gear, check. Every bond movie in existence, check. Instrument of choice plus amplifier, check, check.  Now let’s get practical. Fit your mancave with a mandatory (pun intended) bar. Upscale, fully fitted with changing LED lighting – great. Basic, keg stand with second hand bar fridge – great. Plus go the vending machine for non-liquid sustenance when needed.

So now you’ve worked the tone and theme of the space to perfection, let’s make it ready to handle long term lock down in the face of riots which may be occurring in other areas of the house.

Consider the overall style of the space, could it use some decor? Think wallpapering with the epic front page wins from your team. Or prints of your all-time favourite album covers. Layer that with some framed memorabilia, perhaps a chess board that’s always set up, never used and finally furnish with beer proof recliners.

The last word goes to women. Trust me when I say embrace your man’s manland, even if that means just shutting the door. Likely it’s his last bastion of masculinity and that can be a real life marriage saver, giving him the opportunity to disappear for hours while never leaving the premises.

Alex Honey, Interior Designer

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