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This winter keep your family healthy with these quick and easy recipes made from all Australian ingredients. Take a look at the Great Aussie Steak Sandwich recipeor the delicious Rocket, Pine-nut, Baby Beetroot and Aussie Feta Salad guaranteed to keep the entire family happy.

These recipes are quick and healthy, the ingredients used in theGreat Aussie Steak Sandwichare a good source of protein, fibre andiron and the Rocket, Pine-nut, Baby Beetroot + Aussie Feta Salad becomes a healthy option due to the high protein, high omega-3 fatty acids, andvitamin D found in the Salmon.

Aussie Steak Sandwich

  • Multi- grain bread (the darker the better!)
  • Coles no added hormone beef steak
  • Baby spinach leaves
  • Coles dijon mustard
  • Coles tomato sauce
  • Coles organic beetroot
  • Coles organic mushroom, sliced
  • Coles onion, caramelised


Rocket, Pine-nut, Baby Beetroot + Aussie Feta Salad

  • Mountain bread
  • Coles smoked salmon
  • Coles rocket
  • Coles sweet gherkin
  • Coles dill horseradish cream (4 tblsp freshly grated horseradish with Coles sour cream)

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