Andrew White – State Manager Queensland


Mobile: 0406 753 362
Fax: +61 7 3105 7351
Business address: Level 7, 123 Eagle Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 Australia

As the leader of Loan Market in Queensland it is my honour and responsibility to ensure our customers receive a supreme level of support.

Our brokers are our customers.  I would like to take this opportunity to share basic beliefs that we hold dear in Queensland, and then I will introduce you to the elite team we have assembled to deliver value to our broker team.

  • Primary daily goal:  Our team awakes with one main purpose each day. We all must deliver value to our brokers. Whether its training, coaching, advice, assistance with recruitment, planning, prospecting or simply being an ear to listen. Our mantra is simple we must deliver value to our brokers each day. We have selected our corporate team carefully to ensure that this daily mantra is upheld.
  • Exceptional training: We want to deliver exceptional training and workshops to the QLD broker team. We do this through PD days, workshops, zone training, lender days, induction training and software training on a regular basis.  We also deliver one-on-one training where required.  This is one area we will not cut corners on, and why we continue to develop our brokers’ businesses. Whilst this business has many resources at the fingertips of the brokers, nothing is more important than personal delivery.  With many of our team having years of experience as mortgage brokers, training is also delivered from a practical sense, not just a theoretical webinar.
  • Transparency: The corporate team and broker team are one singular unit in QLD. We pride ourselves on being completely open with our plans, budgets and aspirations.  There is nothing to hide. This gives our brokers great comfort knowing that they are part of a plan, not a means to get a result.
  • Referral and Lead Culture: Whether you are working with a Real Estate office, receiving leads form our brand marketing or simply wanting to know how to self source your own leads, we take pride in being the best in the industry. We have many strategies to provide high quality leads, as well as proven strategies to self generate.  We are continuously looking to improve this area of our business, it is so critical.
  • Family:  We are a family here and, as a part of the largest family owned home loan company in Australia, we are proud to be that way. We challenge each other, we make mistakes and we sometimes fall over…all of us.

The difference here is that we will always be there for our family, always.  As one of our brokers once stated

Coming from a family of 5, I have always known that family is not always a loving nurturing entity full of praise and gushing love.

It is family who will to tell you that you have halitosis, that you are fat, that you don’t look that hot in Speedos, that you really can’t (and shouldn’t) sing, that you have screwed up when you are blissfully unaware of the fact, but you know that their words come with love and kindness.

But more importantly, it is family who listen with empathy to your problems while others turn away, offer sage advice, rather than criticism, help you to see solutions rather than problems, help you up when you have fallen on your face while others cross the street and walked down the other side. Loan Market is a family to me. Andrew White, State Manager Loan Market Queensland 

Are you Looking for a Career in Mortgage Broking?

Loan Market is a family business, and that is underpinned by our constant need to supply value and fairness to the market place. From the ability to change lead channels, agreement and commission structures within the model (depending on the broker’s needs at any given time) to the unrestricted nature of our trail agreements.

It is the ability for our brokers to leave at any time and take their business and revenue with them that holds us to account. No better way to back yourself as a business than to not have handcuffs.  The broker earned their right to that business; surely they deserve to retain it.

Loan Market Queensland have long been recognised as one of the pillars of our international group. Andrew and his team are continually developing new innovative ways to support Queensland brokers. This is a team that’s incredibly proud to be part of the Loan Market brand, as we are them. Sam White, CEO Loan Market

Growing your Mortgage Broking Business with Loan Market

Planning and development is a huge part of our culture and philosophy.  In QLD we run annual business planning sessions for our brokers, as well as quarterly 90 day plans.  This dovetails into our BDM coaching on the ground, as well as monthly PD days.  Everything is geared toward making sure our brokers are successful.

Industry Leading Marketing Support

At Loan Market we have a team of dedicated marketing professionals to help you with your marketing strategy. Some of the services offered by Loan Market Marketing include:

  • Free in-house design service
  • Comprehensive marketing collateral
  • Fully optimised Websites and webpages
  • PR and media services
  • Targeted Social media
  • Car and Shop front signage

The marketing team are always available to assist you with your marketing needs and can even help you develop a marketing strategy for your business.

The Loan Market and Ray White Relationship

Working with a Real Estate business is a specialty at Loan Market.  Many brokers unlock unrivaled success by working with a referral source such as this, but it takes a framework and relationship to reach those lofty levels. With almost unlimited opportunity working with the largest Real Estate brand in Australia- Ray White, our brokers are at a unique advantage over most businesses in regards to referral lead generation.

The most important part of this relationship is to ensure the training, support and corporate involvement is maintained to give our brokers every opportunity to flourish and succeed in these environments.  We value this support so highly that we have a dedicated BDM whose sole purpose and role is to drive full integration strategies into the Ray White and Loan Market relationships.