Bathroom Renovations

by Alex Honey, Sterling Interior Design

So you know your bathroom is in desperate need of an update but where to start? Planning, picturing and process is the answer to an inspiring result and stress free renovation experience.

Living with a tired, dated, dripping or just plain daggy bathroom can really drag your life and the value of your property down.

Yet the idea of embarking on a renovation can be a little scary or overwhelming; this is especially true if your valuable free time is limited or have you never renovated before.

That practical, clean, fresh bathroom you’d love to live with is closer and easier than you may think. The solution is to start with some planning.

First write a list of must haves’. Then make a second list of would likes’. Finally put down a few words that describe how you would like the space to feel …picture yourself walking into your new bathroom and put that image into words.

Now if you’re brave, its time to start the process of selecting all the bathroom fittings, fixtures and finishes. Look for items that get as many ticks as possible on all three of your lists. The ones that have the highest number of ticks are likely to be your ideal purchases.

If you run into confusion or doubt at this point, don’t worry, it’s natural. The good news is you’re not alone! What you need to do to get back on track is get the help of an unbiased, experienced professional.

The advantages of calling on a qualified interior designer over a bathroom renovation business is that a designer can give you the guidance and direction you need to keep going without the pressure of trying to sell’ you a bathroom package.

Sure it looks good on TV but its possible that you are already over the DIY experience. Don’t despair, now that you have had a first hand taste of what your designer can do for you, you really are one gigantic step ahead of where you started. If you are truly over it’ make the no brain’ decision and hand the project over to the design expert and get on with your life!

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