Big tips for tiny bedrooms

Sterling Interior Design, by Alex Honey.

Almost everyone dreams of a large spacious home, but this is just a dream and not the reality for most of us, especially those living in new apartments.

While a compact kitchen or bathroom can be a bit annoying at times dealing with a moderately sized or downright small bedroom can have a bigger on-going impact on your sense of well-being.

If physically changing the size dimensions of your bedroom isn’t an option, here are a few strategies for making the most of the room you do have. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how much more you enjoy your space once you have taken on the task of optimising it.

The plus side of a small room is it won’t take long to clean. Of course, since the room is small, it also won’t take much to mess it up. Clean and tidy up often. Take charge and become a ruthless, regular de-clutterer so your bedroom doesn’t disappear under a pile of stuff that should go somewhere else.

Whether you are starting from scratch or not everything will need to be downsized in order to give the room a larger feel.  Your best move will be to forego, forget or swap a bed with a footboard for one without. They are the number one way to visually cut into the space of your room and you don’t have that space to spare.

If you are up for a new bed consider downsizing. Opting for queen over king-size or double instead of queen can often give key storage in oversized bedside tables and no compromise to your sleeping comfort. While you are on a roll do away with bedside table lamps. Installing wall-mounted sconces or ceiling pendants the drop beside the bed will mean free space on the bedside table plus give a more open feel to the room.

Using furniture with multiple functions will seem like a stroke of genius in your fight for space, especially if you opt for a piece that also adds character, impact or interest like a small desk next to the bed with mirror hung on the wall above it; this one piece of furniture will give you a night-stand, desk and dressing table.

Finally, avoid using bedding with large, bold, colourful patterns. This common mistake draws too much attention to the room’s largest piece of furniture. Instead go for a bold piece of artwork for the focal point in the room, ideally above the bed and it will be an effective way of drawing attention away from the miniscule size of the room.

Alex Honey

Interior Designer

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