Christmas Gift Ideas For First Home Buyers

It's that special time of year again – that time when you scratch your head and wonder what on earth you'll get everyone for Christmas!

If some of your friends are currently looking to buy their first home, what do you get them?

Here are some great gift ideas for first home buyers.

A piggy bank

Saving a home loan deposit can be hard work, so show those you care about that you want them to succeed by giving them a cheeky piggy bank for those loose coins.

After all, when it comes to home loans, every little bit counts!

A handy toolbox

Owning your own home means you can discover your inner DIY master, so let your friends dream about all the great work they'll do on their new place by giving them a great set of tools.

A set of picture frames

Your friends may be buying a house, but what they do afterwards will turn it into a home.

Give the gift of memories with some nice picture frames to adorn the walls of their new abode.

A welcome mat

Make sure they can't refuse you coming to visit by getting them a welcome mat!

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