Colouring Your World

By Alex Honey, Sterling Interiors

Colour, it’s vast, confusing and the wrong choice can be costly to fix or very disappointing to live with. Yet you just know the right scheme will transform your property and give an inspiring lift to your life.

When it comes to colour, the options and combinations are frustratingly endless. Where to start is often the first obstacle, next is dealing with the things that aren’t changing, like the roof, furniture or tile colours it all usually results in one big headache when it comes time to paint.

Surrounding ourselves with colours we love creates a sense of belonging, a feeling of well-being and a subtle richness to daily life.

The atmosphere created by a well-planned, carefully chosen and superbly finished new paint job can signal a fresh start for your life plus increase the demand for your property in the sales market.

If colour is just not your thing, relax because you are among the majority of the population. Sure you want to have a beautiful, inspiring home, but that doesn’t mean you have to struggle doing everything alone – especially when it comes to the really big expensive decisions like house painting.

Like most things, when it comes to colour, experience is everything. Even with the current DIY frenzy, choosing a scheme isn’t something that most people do everyday. You may find yourself bogged down with too many choices or obsessing over which shade of white is whiter than white! If you reach this stage, its time to admit that what you thought would be fun is turning into a nightmare.

Don’t be afraid or too proud to get some sympathetic professional help. An interior designer’s support is the ideal option to help guide you through the process.

Unlike general colour consultants, a designer comes with qualifications and extensive experience in creating comprehensive schemes that address style, function and life as a whole.

Plus you can make the most of your designer’s skills by getting advice on introducing colour highlights or feature materials like wallpaper, stone, tiles or upholstered wall panels, as well as other changes you may be planning, like new furnishings, lighting or floor coverings.

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