Defence Housing Australia – a case study

by Defence Housing Australia

Our Defence Housing Australia property has a 12 year leasethat is a long time to not have to worry about something!’
- Kim and Casey, Aspiring property moguls/DHA property investors

Although only in their mid-twenties, Kim and Casey own four investment properties, including a Defence Housing Australia (DHA) property in Brassall, QLD. They have found that their other investment properties just don’t compare’ to their DHA property.

From our experience as young investors, if you buy a conventional property investment it can become overwhelming,’ says Kim.

With our other non-DHA properties, we often have to deal with maintenance issues, tenants moving in and out, and rent not being paid on time. However, with our DHA property we get guaranteed rental income and they look after it for us. It’s too easy!’

Casey adds, The great thing about our DHA property is that once we completed the paperwork to buy it, we haven’t really had to think about it.

Our property has a 12 year lease with DHA and that is a long time to not have to worry about something!’

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So how does this young couple manage such financial responsibility? They believe in investing their money in good debt not bad debt.

Casey explains, If I borrowed $50,000 to buy a car, I would not feel confident about it because it would only depreciate in valueit’s a bad debt. But if I borrow to buy an investment property, hopefully it will increase in value over the long-termso that is good debt.’

It was also more affordable for us than we thought,’ Kim says.

With our DHA property we have a guaranteed rental income so we can easily budget; and the tax savings help too.

We’ve got a pretty strict budget but we still manage to enjoy ourselves. We continue to go on holidays and there is still money for Casey to spend on his car!’

Kim still goes shoppingdon’t leave that point out!’ Casey insists.

Owning several investment properties doesn’t impact negatively on our lifestyle now; we are confident that it will positively impact on our lifestyle in the future,’ he says.

Kim and Casey recommend investing in DHA property to their friends.

I think the security of DHA’s guaranteed rental income makes DHA a great investment for young people looking to get a start in the property market,’ says Casey.

We are happy to share our experience because we really believe in it. We’ve discovered something that really works for us,’ says Kim.

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