Enjoy Your Summer Holiday – Without Breaking The Bank

Christmas Eve is just one week away! For many Australians, that means getting on a plane or jumping in the car to head to a relaxing destination of your choice in just a few days.

Get ready to kick back and enjoy yourself for as long as you are out of the normal routine – after all, you deserve it!

But before you do – there is a little secret many people don't know. Ready? Here it is: It is totally possible to maximise your vacation time without going on a spending spree.

Here's how:

Stay ahead of your payments

Before you even step out the door, sit down with your budget and an online interest calculator to determine how much you will owe for this month and next.

Set that money for home loans and other expenses aside and leave it there. Doing your calculations before you are tempted to splash out on unnecessary party favours will help you to keep a level head.

Plan your meals

You can still go out to a fancy restaurant for those delicious family meals once or twice, but for the rest of your vacation make a list of what you need to take care of the rest of your meals.

Plan exciting dinners that you can make yourself all week long – impromptu food buying is a common budget breaker.

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