Fearless Feature Walls Using Paint or Wallpaper

By Alex Honey

Picking out feature walls and their colours can be a real dilemma. Yet with the right colour or wallpaper you know you can add new personality, life and value to your rooms. Adding feature walls can sound easier than it reallyis. It’s critical to choose the right walls and finisheswhen you want to inject something new into your space that lifts and adds to the feel and appeal of your property.

Still, knowing which wall or combinations of walls are the best ones can be tricky -that’s before you evenstart thinking about colour or wallpapers to go on them. It’s enough to get you stuck before your start. It’s true that adding just the right feature can totally transform a room. When applied with skill and carefeature walls can really set your space apart from the ordinary. Features are un-rivalled for adding colour, pattern, texture, style, ambience, personality and sophistication.

Whether your aim is increased buyer appeal on the sales market, adding your personal style or theme orsimply a re-fresh without a big budget make over, feature walls can go a long way in delivering a big result with small cost and time input.

Magazines and the internet are pretty common places to turn to for inspiration and answers. While theseplaces are definitely handy for ideas they still won’t give you the specific advice or answers of what to dowith the walls at your place. In fact it’s not uncommon for home decorators to get bogged down with too many ideas, options andopinions and so you end up going around in circles with it all stuck in your head. Or else plunging in onlyto find you’ve made the wrong choice…that’s annoying and lands you right back where you startedugh!

If you are still confused or just need that extra bit of confidence about your choice don’t be afraid to call inan expert. The small cost of a colour consultation definitely beats making a major mistake. Professional help with sourcing and selecting and hanging wallpaper will ensure a result you will be thrilled to show off,sell-off or very happily live with.

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