Have You Got A 2013 Investment Strategy?

With a new year comes a general sense of renewal, a chance to start again – so it's a perfect time to review your investment strategy.

Perhaps you don't currently have one. Or perhaps you do and your investment loans need re-jigging. Or indeed, maybe a whole new plan of action is needed.

Now might well be your opportunity to seriously consider investing in property for the first time.

Property is widely seen as one of the best ways to grow wealth. If you are currently renting, rather than paying off your landlord's mortgage you could be instead building equity in your own asset – and living in your own house!

If you are already a homeowner, you might be able to access the equity you've already built up in your home and use it to make buying a second property more achievable.

Whatever the case, take the time this January to examine your current situation and don't just think where you'd like to be a year from now – think five years from now, a decade, and all the way to retirement age!

To get more detailed information on your situation, talk to a Loan Market mortgage broker today.

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