Home Building – Plan For An Energy-Efficient Future

Building an energy-efficient home isn't just a way to feel better about your impact on the environment – it's also an excellent money saver in the long term!

When you're planning your new home, the question how much can I borrow should be closely followed by how much can I save?

Here are some simple ways of boosting the energy-efficiency of your new home.

Bigger isn't necessarily better

A bigger home may seem more luxurious, but it will actually take more energy to heat and cool.

For this reason, have a good think about whether you need all that extra space – restricting the size of your home will benefit your power bills in years to come.

Reduce heat loss

Energy-efficient windows can reduce heating and cooling loss by up to 80 per cent – this can make a big difference to electricity consumption.

Elsewhere in the house, good insulation is a must to ensure good conservation of heat.

Outdoor ideas

Make good use of natural resources by installing a rainwater tank, solar lighting for the garden or solar photovoltaic panels on the roof.

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