Better Home Loan Deals

The bigger your home loan, the more likely you are to be able to negotiate lower interest rates and more loan flexibility to save you money. Fixed interest home loan interest rates may also attract discounts.

A better home loan deal is more likely when you are seen as an attractive customer. Things like how much you are planning to borrow, the size of your deposit, and whether or not you can bring other loans into the fold (for other properties or assets) will all have an effect. If you are refinancing and are happy to take all or some of your business elsewhere, this can also be very useful.

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Make Smart Home Loan Choices

A better interest rate is not the be all and end all be smart about what you pay for with your home loan. Consider your circumstances, finance structures and lifestyle carefully before selecting an appropriate home loan.

What Else Can I Negotiate On?

Establishment fees, particularly if the lender you are looking at or one of their main rivals is already offering to waive establishment fees on other home loan products.