Loan Market Gives Hope

On any given night in Australia over 100,000 people are homeless. At Loan Market we believe this is 100,000 too many and so are taking on homelessness as our central program for giving back. Homelessness is closely related to our core business of helping people to get into a home and we are supporting the cause through our HOPE program.

Over the last five years the rate of homelessness has increased by 8% nationally and of 105,000 homeless people, 60% are younger than 35 & almost 50% are women. Through our HOPE program our dream is to provide more Australians with a place to call home.

The core of our business is to help people get into homes and with 1 in 200 people homeless every night as a company we have a responsibility to raise awareness Sam White, Loan Market Executive Chairman.

Through HOPE – we will Help Open People’s Eyes to understand that homelessness goes way beyond sleeping rough. We work with HOPE partners to create change and have tangible impact on the lives of those we support. We’re starting our HOPE journey with OzHarvest and the Vinnies CEO Sleepout.

OzHarvest is a not-for-profit organisation that rescues excess food from restaurants, retailers, food outlets and corporate kitchens that would otherwise be discarded. It’s then delivered to charities that feed the disadvantaged and homeless. During April 2013 we started our journey with OzHarvest by delivering hundreds of kilos non-perishable food items to OzHarvest – who then distributed these on our behalf.

The aim of the Vinnies CEO Sleepout is to raise funds to help bring an end to homelessness in Australia. On 20 June 2013 two of our Loan Market leaders slept on the streets – Sam White (Executive Chairman) in Sydney and Mark De Martino (National Sales Director) in Melbourne. By spending the night on the streets the leaders experienced the discomfort of sleeping rough – a fragment of the larger reality experienced by over 100,000 Australians every night. Here is a Sam White’s post Sleepout coverage in the Daily Telegraph.

Recently, our HOPE program was awarded the Australian Mortgage Awards (AMA’s), Best Community Engagement award.. While we aren’t in this for the kudos, it was an honour to have the team’s hard work to help the homeless, disadvantaged and marginalised in our community recognised publicly.

For HOPE enquiries please contact Laura Porter. For media enquiries please contact Paul Smith.