How to Start a Renovation

By Alex Honey, Sterling Interior Design

Congratulations! You’ve decided it’s time to renovate. Now you’re likely to be feeling a bit confused or overwhelmed about where to start and what to do that’s normal!

Don’t worry; if you’re prepared to get some expert help the home improvement process will start to make sense, be a whole lot faster and be much more enjoyable than if you heroically try going there all alone.

The process of bringing your ideas together, finding trustworthy tradespeople, and working out how long your renovation will take are issues all home renovators face.

What it will cost and if your renovation is going to improve the value for your property are also important questions you need answers to.

Getting practical, down-to-earth help from someone with tonnes of hands-on renovating experience should be your first decision. This is the single most effective way to save you time and worry, as well as avoiding potentially expensive mistakes. Most likely you will look back on it as the best decision of the whole project.

Do you know precisely what you want or have absolutely no idea? Either way you will be faced with decisions you have never had to make before, so it’s natural to need a bit of guidance and support. That help is also crucial to knowing how things will look and making sure you feel confident about your choices.

With an expert on board early you will get to know the best approach for your project, what order and when each process will happen, how long it will all take and importantly, how much it will all cost before any of the messy work starts. Plus, you can relax knowing your expert has an army of tried and trusted tradespeople carrying out your work.

Don’t fall for the common renovating mistake – thinking it can’t be that hard. If you do, you could end up with an out-of-control renovation, a budget that has fallen to pieces, or even facing a major crisis and who needs that?

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