Superannuation Fund Loans

Self-Managed Superannuation Fund loans or SMSF loans can be used to purchase property including residential and commercial, or even a holiday home as a property leveraged investment. However, a key characteristic of SMSF loans is that they can only be used to purchase property from a member or related entity for business purposes. Any residential property must be purchased from an unrelated party or arm’s length vendor.

You may be able to borrow money to purchase property using a SMSF. Any property purchased using a SMSF loan works in the same way as any other investment property loan.

With a SMSF loan you can:

  • Plan your retirement on your own terms
  • Choose an asset class that suits your lifestyle and investment objectives
  • Gear into property by borrowing within a Self Managed Super Fund

More about the SMSF Loan Process

When you talk to a Loan Market mortgage broker you can feel safe knowing that the SMSF loans available from a panel of lenders are compared against your finance needs and future plans to find the best option for your finance needs.
SMSF loan terms and features, including interest rates, Loan to Value Ratios on residential or commercial securities and the loan term and amount, will vary widely between lenders.

As a general rule, the following steps will occur:

  1. Establish or review your SMSF
  2. Establish the Property Trust Deed
  3. Instructions to Solicitors/Conveyancers
  4. Obtain loan approval
  5. Contracts exchanged
  6. Loan documents issued
  7. Settlement

Find The Right Super Fund Home Loan For Your Finance Needs.

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