Julie Saliba – Business Development Manager VIC/TAS

Julie Saliba Profile picture

My Passion

I’m passionate about helping others build successful businesses, having spent the past 10 years in the broker space as a BDM & State Manager for a lender.

I am excited by the prospect of assisting brokers in the transition from Broker to Business.

If a broker wants to run a successful business, I believe they need 3 key elements:

  • Leadership
  • Passion
  • Motivation

Why Loan Market

I am often asked ‘why should I choose Loan Market over another aggregator’. The answer is simple: Do you want an aggregator or a Business Partner?

Every aggregator says they will help you in your business but how many really have the time or the expertise to live up to that promise? It stands to reason the promise will go unfulfilled if your aggregator BDM has 300 brokers to care for.

At Loan Market the manager to broker ratio is much smaller, we have a one dedicated Manager for approximately every 50 brokers.

Business Planning

At Loan Market we conduct 90 day, 6 month or Annual Business Planning with our mortgage brokers.

We provide comprehensive one-on-one training as well as workshops to assist brokers in growing their businesses year on year.

The key with business planning is we can help you with the basics but it is up to every individual to put it into practice.

Marketing Support

We have a dedicated Marketing Team of experts working for you! It’s as easy as giving them a call or dropping them an email to discuss your needs. Better still, they will design your next shop front, brochure or client folder absolutely free of charge.

Also included at no cost is a media release and press article writing service, plus you can have your individual webpage hosted on the Loan Market website or your very own personalised website which is fully optimised for Google search. Whatever your marketing needs are, the team have you covered.

I encourage every broker that we recruit to ensure they have a website, use the Loan Market E-Newsletters, use Twitter / Facebook, run seminars and add every person they come into contact with to their database. The use of these tools will help you build and strengthen your business.

Real Estate Networks

At Loan Market we have established successful referral and business partnerships with a number of large Australian firms, including Australasia’s largest real estate group, Ray White.