Kerb Appeal: How to Get it!

As much as we all like to think that we aren't prey to our first impressions of things, when it comes to real estate, the exterior appearance of your home can make a big difference in attracting buyers.

We're talking about kerb appeal, or course, those two little words that can mean a whole host of different things for buyers.

What it means for property owners, however, is that with a little bit of attention they can give their homes a fresh face lift which could prove a great move in the long term.

Whether you are selling or not, boosting your kerb appeal is a worthy way to invest in your property.

Time to update your property's public facade? Let's draw up some plans to boost your kerb appeal!

Get cleaning!

A house that shows the wear and tear of the years, has a messy yard and a general vibe of neglect may send the wrong message.

For some buyers, this can scream high maintenance. Don't give them the wrong impression – get to work making your property a picture of perfection!

You'd be amazed at what a difference a comprehensive cleaning and tidy up can make to the exterior of your house and the street side of your property.

Tend your garden

Plant flowers. Pull weeds. Trim branches. Cut hedges. Replace dead plants. Prune. Refresh soil. Mow lawns. Add some pot plants.

Rinse and repeat! There are so many different ways that you can revitalise your front garden that only you will know the best strategy to take on your property.

Don't neglect the green stuff!

Reach for the paint can

Colour is your friend, and a fresh lick of paint can bring your home's exterior to life.

Even simply touching up window frames and maybe the front door can have an instant impact on your kerb appeal.

Whatever you do, don't do a rush job! You don't want to make things worse by having an average paint job with a blotchy finish.

If you are painting your door, for example, take it off its hinges and lie it flat so that you can easily sand it down and then apply as many coats of paint as you need to get a smooth and consistent finish.

Think outside the square

Don't forget to get creative! Inject some of your personality or even great ideas that you've seen in other properties.

Outdoor lighting in the garden and around the entranceway can add a nice atmosphere after dark.

You might also want to look at replacing older hardware fittings like locks and door handles, if these can be seen.

What else can people see from the street? The front of the house is obviously the big drawcard, but don't neglect other areas that are visible from the kerb, such as paths down the side of your house.

Kerb appeal for the masses

As you can see, improving your kerb appeal is within the means of just about every home owner, provided you have the time to devote to it.

There are solutions to fit every budget and it's easy enough to see the fruit of your labours – just get out on the road and look back in!

If you find yourself struggling for inspiration, simply go for a walk around your neighbourhood and take note of things you really like about other properties.

Note which houses on your street appeal most to you, and try to work out why that is.

There's nothing wrong with cribbing their style!

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