Kerb Appeal: Your Property in its Best Light

Does your home have kerb appeal? If not, working to improve this aspect of your property may be one of the smartest investments of time and money that you make.

Let's start at the beginning of the kerb appeal story: investing in your home.

Property investment isn't just the domain of high-flying businessmen or real estate barons in slick corporate boardrooms – in fact, we all do it when we make improvements on our properties.

That's simply because each time we renovate, repair or reinvigorate our homes, we are potentially adding to their value or their saleability.

This is important to remember, even if you have no plans to sell in the short term – each DIY or have-someone-else-do-it project you embark upon could one day help you get a better return on your initial outlay, or make all the difference in whether you are able to sell at all.

In that spirit, next time you start to make plans or make some funds available for home improvements, why not look into increasing that most fundamental of property selling points: your home's kerb appeal!

What's so appealing about a kerb?

Kerb appeal isn't just a meaningless buzzword like "wow factor" or "je ne sais quoi".

It has a very simple definition: how attractive your house looks to potential buyers when viewed from the road.

Essentially, it is the collection of characteristics that together have the effect of attracting others to your property – what they see from the kerb that hooks them and makes them want to see more.

This could be an immaculate hedge row and a well-kept garden, a clean house exterior with no chipped paint or wood imperfections, or simply an overall vibe of cleanliness and order.

It is the polaroid snapshot of your home that buyers develop the instant they first see it – you only get one chance at getting it right!

Why does it matter?

When your property isn't on the market, kerb appeal is all potential, waiting to be unleashed.

Once that 'For Sale' sign goes up, however, your kerb appeal comes out of its hibernation and gets a chance to shine – or to whither.

When prospective buyers drive up – or past – your property, its kerb appeal will play a significant role in determining how grand a first impression it makes.

In a competitive market, the smallest things can give you an advantage, and before buyers get to see your amazing kitchen space, your expansive lounge and inviting back yard, they need to get over the first hurdle – wanting to set foot inside your house at all!

This is a tough crowd you're dealing with. Buyers are smart, do their research and are proactive in looking at many different properties.

What can I hope to achieve?

Great kerb appeal can deliver a knockout punch to the senses of potential buyers and put your house straight on their shortlist!

Of course, there is no guarantee that improving the kerb appeal of your property will boost its value or get you a better selling price.

However, this shouldn't be your main goal when doing work on the street appearance of your house or unit.

All home improvements have the potential to help you fetch a better price, but the chief benefit of kerb appeal is its potential to convert would-be curious parties into full-on interested buyers: it can boost your property's saleability.

Embrace your kerb appeal

The great thing is that you can work with any budget to make significant improvements to your home's kerb appeal.

Next up we'll be looking at some great ways that you can take your property's kerb appeal to the next level!

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