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Lee Banh

Mortgage Broker Adelaide, Burnside, Port Adelaide

My previous career in mortgage management taught me the value of small flexible lenders. It also taught me that success in finance is truly about being able to offer a broad range of home loan products. I now have access to literally hundreds of products and that gives me a huge advantage over other bank and lender brokers. In addition to first home buyer loans and investment loans, I also deal with commercial and business related finance.

Investment Loans

As an active property investor myself, and having worked with a range of property investors (some having more than 20 properties), this is an area of my work I am really passionate about.

Flexibility and scalability are two crucial things to look at when choosing the right property investment loan. Ask yourself, how easy would it be for me to add another property to my portfolio in future? Will it incur more fees? What are the advantages and disadvantages of staying with the same or diversifying lenders? You might be surprised with some of these answers!

Pharmacy Loans

An area which requires specialist knowledge and experience and an area in which not many brokers have experience in is Pharmacy Loans. I can confidently say that I have worked with and continue to work with pharmacists requiring business loans to fund new Pharmacy purchases, and to also expand their personal investment portfolios. Contact me if you require specialised loans!

Commercial Property Finance

One of the advantages of a company like Loan Market is the range of competitive commercial lenders we have access to on our panel. Whether you are looking to fund a warehouse, retail shop or factory, or even wanting to purchase the existing building you operate from, we can look at your best options for obtaining the finance to meet your needs.

Home Buyers - first, second and third

I love to work with first home buyers. The most common thing I see with first home buyers (who seem to see a lot of brokers), after seeing three or four brokers is that too many brokers make 'assumptions' about first home buyers and don't spend the time to understand their situation properly. Don't race off with the latest home loan on the market with the flashiest "interest saving bells and whistles". Consider all products carefully as you don't want to end up paying more money in the long run for 'bells and whistles' you don't need or don't use.

Make sure you consider everything about a loan. It's most important for home buyers to find a loan that suits them and their lifestyles. A great example of this is interest rates. If you are going to take advantage of low interest rates, make sure you ask your broker exactly how to use them to maximise its potential. I see too many cases where certain features and flexibilities in a home loan would have saved people more than just a low interest rate. An experienced broker will help eliminate the types of loans that will not benefit you and point you in the right direction!

Working with first home buyers, I often find myself liaising with real estate agents, solicitors and the lender to make sure everything settles smoothly and that my customer is always kept up to date with each process. Its what I call a "Hold your Hand Service" (without the actual hand holding of course!)

Understanding my customers is the most crucial part of offering home loans and this takes real expertise and is by far my biggest priority when dealing with home buyers.

We had been renting all our life. We always got knocked back by our banks.  Lee was the first broker we contacted after being referred to us by our agent. We knew he would have a difficult task in getting us the loan, but after meeting with him for the first time, we were getting more and more confident in the possibility of owning our own home. Lee overcame all our little hurdles which stopped us from getting a loan in the past.

You made it very clear. Straight forward and explained all the information very precise. Always prompt in answering my questions and went out of your way to make sure we understood everything which was very important to me and my family. Through all your help, we achieved all the results we wanted and our family could not be happier in our new home.
Anthony Tavui-Leota and Family

Free Property Reports

The key to successful investing is always going to be research, research and more research. With access to a national database of residential and commercial sales data and history at our finger tips, I am able to put together a comprehensive report on most individual properties throughout the country - absolutely FREE!

Customer Feedback

I service customers in south western sydney - pretty much within 30 kms of Parramatta, including Liverpool, Fairfield, Bankstown, Blacktown, and North Parramatta. I do have clients as far west as Sackville North and as far south as Wollongong!

With a growing property portfolio, I needed someone to help tidy up my home loans and to make sure I was maximising my equity. After meeting with Lee the first time, he helped me to structure my loans the right way, and created more flexibility. On top of this, Lee frequently helps me research property and is always easy to be in contact with.

I also operate two businesses so Lee saves me a tonne of time with the running around I once had with my bank manager! I've already recommended him to my family.
Nalee Van, Owner of Pharmacies

Thank you for your service. My wife and I are very happy with the services you have provided. We would not hesitate to recommend your company to anybody. Especially, we are very thankful to Lee Banh our mortgage broker.
Ruth and Peter Greisiger, Merrylands, NSW

First Home Buyers


I think the personalised service and flexibility of your brokers is excellent. Lee was there for me 24/7 to answer even the silliest of questions.

My partner and I had been trying for years to get into the housing market. After several knock backs and false starts we had given up. Our deposit wasn't great and with my partners colourful work history, no one would look at us. My broker, Lee took the time to understand our situation and was able to negotiate us a loan with a major lender. Basically, without Lee's help we would still be trying to get into the market!
B Kennedy (Spray Painter) - B Mercer (Producer) Hornsby, NSW

Before speaking with you Lee, we literally spoke to five other mortgage companies. Aussie Home Loans, Mortgage Choice, Modern Mortgages, Wizard and because my wife is a school teacher we also had an appointment with the Teachers credit union. The main reason me and my wife decided to go with you (and X Inc) was because you understood our needs much better and made the appropriate recommendations instead of the "hard sell" presentations that the others did.
A. Kumar (Store Person) - R. Kumar (School Teacher), Green Valley, NSW

Lee was by far the best broker we have seen. Before speaking to Lee, we had several appointments with brokers like Aussie homeloans, and a Rams guy. I told my wife I wasn't too happy with either of them and when Lee was referred to me by my brother in law I thought I would give him a go.

What I needed was a broker that did not get too technical and Lee was just that. He explained to me everything I needed to know in very plain english, he has a very outgoing personality and was very easy to get along with and took the time to visit me each time there was something I needed explained.

Lee also helped me do research for my property and I don't think I would have paid such a good price without his help. I have already referred Lee to work colleagues and I will recommend him to anyone looking to buy property! I've even included my number for personal reference!
M. Kith (Site Supervisor) - Hinchinbrook, NSW


What made Lee different from all the other brokers we have dealt with is that he could accommodate our busy life style, and that he really took the time to understand what we needed and answered the millions of questions we had!

Before seeing Lee, we had discussed wanting to reduce our repayments and see if we could pay our loan off sooner. We had lost contact with our previous broker and the timing Lee got in contact with us could not have been better. Lee was able to quickly identify that we were on the wrong product with our previous lender, and was able to recommend one with much better rates and flexibility. We are now on a much clearer plan to reduce our loan!
G and M Ward, - Photography and Graphic Design, Erskineville, NSW

Up until now, I had been dealing directly with my Westpac branch. I contacted X Inc after my branch manager had left to go to a different role, and I had no option but to consult Westpacs 1300 number for service. Lee took the hassle away from all the things I wanted to do with my loan, and saved me a lot of time on paperwork. Overall, your communications was great and you were able negotiate a better deal for me without switching my lender. I appreciate the fact that I now know that I don't have to deal directly with my bank for service. Many thanks!
A. Pik, General Manager, CSIRO, Pyrmont, NSW

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