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Leo Bozzi

Mortgage Broker Chermside Geebung, Zillmere

I am a highly skilled finance and mortgage broker with over 35 years experience in the industry. I've worked both for finance companies and banks specialising in car, truck, chattel and property loans. My aim is to help people achieve their dream of owning their own home. It's one of the biggest decisions an individual will ever make, so it's important to know the facts. The ability to borrow money will depend on a number of factors including: money saved, savings history, work and income conditions, good credit history, current commitments, type and location of property. Send me an email and we can discuss what options are available for you.

My aim is to help as many people as possible achieve their dream of home ownership. When preparing to make one of the biggest decisions in your life you need to know the facts. The ability to borrow money will depend on a number of factors - money saved, savings history, work and income conditions, good credit history, current commitments, type and location of property.

Home Loans in Chermside

Getting your home loan sorted out early can ensure you are in the best position to negotiate for your home on your own terms. And while the home loan application process can seem daunting, it is often simpler than most people think. I have access to home loans from a large range of major banks and secure lenders, and I truly understand home finance in a real estate context.

Many thanks to Matthew and Leo from Loan Market for their great assistance in helping us get our home loan approved in such a short time.

We were over the moon to have finally found our perfect first home. Unfortunately, we were pre-approved with CBA but my husband’s employment changed in the meantime. We were declined for a home loan by two separate banks, CBA and RAMS. The reasons being that my husband has only been self-employed/ a contractor for just over 12 months as well as that the deposit is gifted in cash. The application processes took over two and a half weeks, with the banks requesting information and signatures almost every few days. Meaning we had to request days off as well as an extension from the real estate/solicitors.

In the end, we were declined. We were devastated and so upset. But, I didn’t want to give up as I really wanted this to be our first home.

I spoke to Cain and explained the situation we were in, he recommended Loan Market mortgage brokers for the second time. I did not listen the first time, which was our biggest mistake. Cain said that he will forward my details onto Matthew from Loan Market who will contact me back when available. Matthew phoned within half an hour!!!

Matthew asked me a few questions and said he will phone back. He phoned back asking if we could come in that day, to provide documents for assessment. Leo, (working with Matthew), saw us that night (mind you it was after 5:30pm) and completed a couple of forms and took all our information. Within a couple of days, Leo got back to us and gave us a couple of options available. It was the most intense weekend of our lives, as we requested a second extension till Friday and were giving up hope. Leo phoned me a few times as early as 7:30am and as late as 10pm to provide us with updates. During week another extension was requested till Tuesday following week. Monday lunch time we phoned Leo and were told that we are approved, with Suncorp.

Leo organised it all for us including having a plan D application with guarantors, which we did not need after all. Locked in the perfect 4.90% fixed rate and ready for settlement the week after.

This was the most stressful and sleepless weeks of our entire lives because unfortunately we were dealing with an inexperienced bank beforehand however, having Leo take the stress and pain out of this arduous process, it was a breeze, and such a relief! And this was all done within 6 business days!

I'd sum up the mortgage brokers process to be an excellent experience, they were so understanding the whole way through and answered all our questions at any given time.

I have already recommended Loan Market to my friends and will continue to recommend the Loan Market mortgage brokers for home loans as they are very honest with you from the get go, quick, efficient and understanding.

Kind Regards,

Enida and Adnan Avdic

Hi Leo,

Just thought I would email to say a BIG THANK YOU for all your assistance in helping me get my first home!
You were always willing to help in anyway so thankyou!

The place is looking great and I am settling in nicely. I will happily give your name to any of my friends for their future property purchases.

Kind Regards,
Kate Elliott

First Home Buyers in Chermside

Buying your first home is an exciting experience, but there can be a lot to think about. I make the home loan application process as smooth and easy as possible, so you can concentrate on finding the right home. As part of my service, I will help you to understand the types of home loans available to you as a first home buyer and choose the right one for your situation. If you are eligible for the First Home Owners Grant or any state government first home buyer assistance, I will help you to fill in the paperwork.


I want to thank you for all your help in making the dream of owning my own home a reality. It was very satisfying moving in and realising that paying rent was now going to be a distant memory. Thanks again. 
Paul Lawnton, Queensland

Home Loan Deposit in Chermside

Most banks and lenders will require a minimum deposit of 5 per cent of the value of the property you are purchasing, before they will approve you for a home loan. Depending on the lender and your individual situation, you may be able to fund your deposit from a range of sources, including genuine savings, monetary gifts, inheritances and first home buyer incentives; it is important to note, however, that most lenders will require at least a portion of your deposit to come from genuine savings.

If you don't have the deposit required, you may be able to make use of family equity, also known as a limited guarantor loan. The most common form of family equity is where a family member, usually your parents, offers their existing property as security for a portion of the home loan, generally around 20 per cent.

Home Loan Pre-approval in Chermside

Home loan pre-approval is a great way to ensure you know how much you can afford to pay for a property before you even start looking. A written pre-approval can also give you an advantage when you are negotiating on a property with a vendor, as opposed to someone who has no pre-approval or finance in place. A home loan pre-approval is generally valid for about three months, and you will still need a satisfactory valuation on the property you intend to purchase before your pre-approval can progress to a full loan approval.

Property Investment Loans in Chermside

Property investment can be a smart wealth creation strategy, if you get it right. And that doesn't just mean finding the right property - you need the right investment finance as well, otherwise you may find yourself throwing money away for nothing. Your investment loan package should be tailored to your investment strategy and goals, so I work closely with your financial planner and/or accountant to make that happen. Whether you are an experienced property investor with a big portfolio, or just starting out with your first property, I can help you get the right investment loan for your circumstances.

Leo, thank you for taking the time to meet with me last month.

I reviewed the options you put forward to me and although I'm in a potential position on paper to progress with substantial financing on an additional investment property, I've made the decision not to take that option. In fact, I won't be seeking additional finance from anyone at all at this point in time.

In saying that I was very pleased with your approach and manner, which matched what I had heard about you through word of mouth since our meeting. Should I decide in the future to make further financial commitments/property investments then I will definitely be knocking on your door first. Thanks again for your time and I wish you all the best. Kind regards, Pierre, Chermside

Business/Commercial Loans in Chermside

Business and commercial loan options vary depending on whether you are a start-up or existing business. Whether you are buying commercial property, undertaking a property development , expanding your business or need some cash-flow funding, assistance from a good commercial finance broker can be invaluable.

Low Doc Loans for the Self-Employed in Chermside

Many self-employed borrowers need a loan that isn't quite standard, mostly because they don't have the full financial history required to get a regular loan. Low documentation, or low doc, loans fulfil the needs of many self-employed borrowers. You'll still need some financial history and paperwork - often about 12 months BAS statements and an ABN that has been active for at least 6-12 months.

Refinancing in Chermside

Refinancing your mortgage is something that takes careful consideration. The most important thing to look at, is if refinancing will put you into a better position than you would be if you stuck with your current home loan. I can go through the sums with you to show you the costs involved in changing home loans, as well as your projected costs over a set timeframe for both your current and proposed home loans. And if you decide that refinancing is the right move for you, I will help you complete all the necessary paperwork to make the change.

Debt Consolidation in Chermside

Debt consolidation can be a handy solution when you are struggling with repayments on several debts, such as your home loan, credit cards, store cards and personal loans. Debt consolidation works by combining all those debts into your home loan, which is generally the debt with the lowest interest rate. Because the interest rate is lower, and the loan term is usually longer, your monthly repayments will drop, giving you a bit of breathing space.

Remember, if you make only the minimum required repayments, you will end up paying more in interest charges over the life of the loan than if you had left your debts separate. And debt consolidation will not fix the underlying problems, so be sure to get assistance from a financial planner to rectify your financial situation.

Upgraders/New Property Buyers - Bridging Loans in Chermside

Financing the move from one property to another can be quite stressful, especially if you are yet to sell your home - how do you free up the funds that are tied up in your current property to purchase the next one? A bridging loan can help. With a bridging loan, your lender will use both your current and new property as security and lend you enough to buy your new home.

While you are waiting for the sale and purchase process to be completed on both your current and new property, you make interest only repayments on the loan, or maybe even no repayments at all (called capitalising the interest). Once you have sold your old home, the proceeds go towards paying off your bridging loan. The amount left over, called the end debt, is then transferred to a standard home loan, becoming the home loan on your new property.

To Whomever It May Concern, 
I would just like to write to you to commend the actions and care of one of your mortgage brokers, who we were most fortunate to be introduced to. Through a friends recommendation we were given Leo Bozzi's number, and after calling him and arranging an interview, we found him to be a lovely man, who genuinely cared and wanted to help us through what was a difficult situation. My wife and I were selling our home and purchasing a new property, however through a situation where we shared ownership of an investment property with a relative, we encountered numerous hurdles along the way. This proved to be a very emotional and trying time for both of us, and also my sister-in-law and her partner. Throughout the ordeal Leo maintained a calm and professional manner, and was always looking for the best outcomes and solutions for all parties. To cut a long story short we were all delighted with the service and packages that Leo provided, and we would not hesitate in recommending him to all our friend and colleagues. We cannot commend Leo Bozzi highly enough for the service, attention and care he showed us, through what was a very difficult time. When we purchase our next investment property I will not hesitate in using his services once more. Please pass on to Leo our thanks for all his hard work and care. You should feel honoured to have such a loyal and hard working man within your company. 
Kind regards, Lee & Cath, Wavell Heights, Queensland

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