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As a busy couple, Deb and Peter needed an investment strategy that demanded as little of their time as possible, while also providing for their long-term future. In 2005, they bought two Defence Housing Australia (DHA) properties in Townsville and Toowoomba, QLD.

We’re busy people and we don’t want to spend time worrying about our investments. We wanted a low maintenance investment that we could stand back from and let it manage itself; and with DHA that’s exactly what we got.

We like that the management service includes property maintenance. We don’t have to arrange for anything to be fixed; if a window breaks, we don’t have to deal with it.

Also, with DHA, if a tenant moves in or out there is no cost to us; we continue to receive our rent each month in advance. For us that is a much easier investment.’

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Deb says investing with DHA allowed her to overcome the distance factor.

Queensland was a good area for long-term growth but we were concerned about investing so far away from where we live [in New South Wales].

It was a smart decision. The capital growth in both areas has been quite substantial. Our last rent review was very impressive; we didn’t expect the rent to go up as much as it did.’

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Deb and Peter are not new to investing; they own shares, another residential property and hold investment in primary industries (an abalone farm!).

Our other [non-DHA] property hasn’t been as cost effective. In the last 12 months we’ve had three different lots of tenants and it has cost us nearly $2,000 in letting and advertising fees.

Investing with DHA has been just what we wantedan investment with no hassles. Our returns have been excellent in comparison to our other investments. DHA is the best investment decision we have made so far.’

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