Maria Iannantuoni

Loan Market Business Development Manager – WA

Mobile: 0419 949 350 Fax: + 61 8 9422 6299
Business address: 56 Walcott Street, Mt Lawley, WA 6050, Australia

My Passion

With over 15 years experience in mortgage broking I understand the importance strength behind an aggregator. When I started as a broker I had no real support, no training, no marketing assistance and basically no real idea in finance, if only back then there was a group like Loan Market. I have spent the past year with Loan Market assisting them in training new recruits coming into the finance and mortgage broking industry something that I am really passionate about. Assisting new and existing brokers to build their own finance businesses and passing on my knowledge and experience is thoroughly rewarding.

Why Loan Market?

A Real Business Partnership

I am often asked why chose Loan Market over another aggregator. The answer is simple: Do you want an aggregator or a Business Partner? Every aggregator says they will help you in your business but how many really have the time or the expertise to live up to that lofty promise? It stands to reason the promise will go unfulfilled if your aggregator BDM has 300 brokers to care for.

At Loan Market we have a 1/50 Broker ratio which means we can actually live up to our promise of helping you develop your business. Leads Leads Leads!

Anyone out there looking for more leads?

Not only do we have Call Centre Qualified Leads, but we also have nearly 700 Ray White Offices for you to develop referral partnerships with. Our brokers know that in order to grow their business they need access to more leads – the # 1 reason why brokers can’t grow a sizeable business is through lack of leads.

Business Planning

At Loan Market we conduct Annual Business Planning with our brokers. We provide a comprehensive pre-written plan to assist brokers in growing their businesses year on year. The key with Business planning is we can help you with the basics but it is up to every individual to put it into practice.


Now that we are talking about Marketing, did I mention your Marketing Team? Yes, a dedicated Marketing Team of experts working for you! It’s as easy as phoning them up or dropping them an email to discuss your needs. Better still, they will design your next shop front, brochure or client folder absolutely free of charge. Also included at no cost is a media release and press article writing service, plus you can have your individual web page hosted on the Loan Market website whatever your marketing needs are, the team has you covered.

I could go on, but put simply, we are Business Partner not an aggregator.

Real Estate Networks

At Loan Market we have established successful referral and business partnerships with a number of large Australian firms, including Australasia’s largest real estate group, Ray White. If you are a looking to make your mark in Real Estate I can introduce you to the people at Ray White who can help you open your own Ray White Franchise.

With over 700 Offices throughout Australia, NZ, South East Asia and Dubai, it’s no wonder Ray White is the market leader in Australasia.

Helpful Finance Tip

The key to every business is customer service and I am not just asking about the customer you have now but your future customers.

I encourage every broker that we recruit to ensure they have a website , use the Loan Market E-Newsletters, use Twitter / Facebook , run seminars and add every person they come into contact with to their data base.

The use of these tools will help you build your business.