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Mark De-martino Loan Market

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Business address: Level 17, 135 King Street, Sydney 2000

  • MFAA Member
  • University of Melbourne Bachelor of Commerce

Helpful Mortgage Broker Tip

Does a McDonald’s owner worry that his burgers are cheaper than his local small business competitor? No! It matters not to him, since his turnover is the key to his success. So too, your turnover is the key to real wealth in your business. What is your earn per customer? Which aggregator will provide the tools and more importantly the opportunity to create real wealth for you and your family?

My Passion

Having built a successful brokerage of my own, I am passionate in helping others to do the same.

I am excited by the prospect of assisting brokers in the transition from Broker to Business. If a broker wants to run a successful business, I believe they need 3 key elements; Leadership of Self, Passion and Motivation.

Leaders don’t respond to change; they initiate change.Therefore it is essential to the growth of our brokers that their business partner, Loan Market, initiates change and guides the people that it cares for along this path. More often than not, our greatest ideas come from our brokers and I look forward to going to work every day to see how many of our people will take new and exciting steps in their business!

Whilst I have personally done a reasonable amount of public speaking in years gone by, Mark recently assisted me with a presentation to 15 Accountants and he was fantastic!

He absolutely took ownership of the whole process of preparing for a most professional presentation which we conducted jointly. He steered me through the intent, content and final delivery of the message we wanted to present. Coaching of what to say, what not to say, how to tell the story and just the simple rules to stay on message and maintain impact were invaluable.

After we discussed what we were trying to achieve, Mark prepared the entire Power Point presentation taking note of my own input.

We then spent nearly a day rehearsing over 2 separate days and then came the evening itself. It worked brilliantly. Mark not only provided entertainment but valuable anecdotes to illustrate key points while still giving me the key steering role.

Result:A smooth, informative and entertaining presentation on finance to a professional group.

A bonus:An immediate appointment booked for advice on finance.

Feedback:The Accountants said it was the best presentation they had seen at their networking group for many years.

Potential:Another presentation to a similar group.

I can only say that as finance brokers, we have an outstanding resource to help grow our business in Mark. He will have you as excited as he is about the opportunity to fire up your referrers or clients through the use of seminars to educate both ourselves and referrers as well as extend our circle of influence.

Thanks again Mark

Bruce Scaf

Senior Finance Broker Loan Market

Why Loan Market?

A Real Business Partnership

I am often asked why chose Loan Market over another aggregator. The answer is simple: Do you want an aggregator or a Business Partner? Every aggregator says they will help you in your business but how many really have the time or the expertise to live up to that lofty promise? It stands to reason the promise will go unfulfilled if your aggregator BDM has 300 brokers to care for!

At Loan Market we have a 1/50 Broker ratio which means we can actually live up to our promise of helping you develop your business.

I called Mark at 7:30pm on a Thursday Night confused and needing help on a sticky Self Employed loan structure. He immediately began to ask me questions for which I had no answer.He knew I needed help and I expected him to say let’s chat tomorrow about it, but he didn’t.
Mark told me we could knock this off in a couple of hours that night and asked me to send through all of the financials and tax returns. There were mountains of them including 4 companies, 2 trusts and 3 borrowers.

By 8:30pm Mark had read all of them and worked out their income – amazing! He then said something completely insane, Mate, if you write these notes you will be up all night. How about I write them for you and you can fill in the gaps for the Assets and Liabilities for each entity? I could not believe it. At 9:46pm Mark had completed 2 pages of the most detailed notes I had ever seen and they were awesome!I had never seen a deal sold’ to the bank that way and I could see from the way the notes were structured and put together that the loan was going to be approved by the bank.

Not only that, Mark attached 4 important questions for me to take back to the clients accountant so that I could be sure we were structuring the deal in the right way.

I learnt more in 3 hours on how to structure a Self Employed loan than I ever have in my entire career as a mortgage broker.

I am so grateful for the time Mark De Martino spent with me (I mean this is the State Manager I am dealing with at 9:46pm!). Thanks Mark for your support and dedication and sacrifice of your own personal time late at night.

The client is delighted and we received Unconditional Approval in record time thanks to you.

We make a great team you and me!

Frank Tassoni,Mortgage Broker Loan Market

Leads Leads Leads

Anyone out there looking for more leads?

Not only do we have Call Centre Qualified Leads, but we also have nearly 700 Ray White Offices for you to develop referral partnerships with. Our brokers know that in order to grow their business they need access to more leads -the # 1 reason why brokers can’t grow a sizable business is through lack of leads.

Do you want to grow a mega brokerage business? You will need more leads to feed your brokers. View our testimonials below!

Business Planning

At Loan Market we conduct Annual Business Planning with our brokers. We provide a comprehensive pre-written plan to assist brokers in growing their businesses year on year. Click on the video below to view a sample ofa Marketing Plan, which should give you an idea of the depth of our commitment to our brokers.
[movideo id=24705]


Now that we are talking about Marketing, did I mention your Marketing Team? Yes, a dedicated Marketing Team of experts working for you! It’s as easy as phoning them up or dropping them an email to discuss your needs. Better still, they will design your next shop front, brochure or client folder absolutely free of charge. Also included at no cost is a media release and press article writing service, plus you can have your individual web page hosted on the Loan Market website – whatever your marketing needs are, the team has you covered.

I could go on, but put simply, we are Business Partner not an aggregator. But don’t take my word for it; it’s the brokers opinions that count. Take a look at some of our most successful broker’s testimonials below:


We came from another aggregator who was going to keep our Trail and decided we had to leave or else we would have a business that was worthless in 10 years.

Mark and the Loan Market Team are absolutely integral to our success. Mark came to us a few months ago and said we needed a PA immediately. He said he would interview as many as it took to find the right candidate and he found us Mary who has been fantastic! We both agree we would have never had the time to get around to hiring a PA given how busy we both were. You can’t buy that kind of service from your aggregator.

We meet with Mark every month and discuss our Plans and what we have carried out for the previous month which helps to keep us on track and more importantly, to our word.

Thanks to Loan Market, we have a business partner who genuinely cares for us and has the time to spend with us to nurture and grow our business into a mega brokerage.

Trish and Claude Rotstein, Hampton East

Mark and Suzi came to me and asked me how they could help me ramp up my business.

With their help and the help of Ray White I now have more leads than I can handle. I have employed an office manager and now I need to employ a loan writer in early 2010 to help me with the leads!

I have lodged over $3,500,000 so far in November 09 and think I will crack the $5,000,000 this month easily.

With the help of Mark and Suzi, I can now really see how I can become a Business and not just a Broker.

Sarah Thomson, Geelong

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the assistance you gave me in both the preparation and actual presentation we conducted for Compton & Green Yarraville this week.

Your support, encouragement, guidance and wisdom were invaluable to me.

You helped me to achieve feeling comfortable and confident speaking in that arena.

You are an extremely polished speaker and I got so many hints and tips out of our practice run. Also the fact that you made the time for me, at such short notice is also really appreciated.

I feel very privileged to be working with you, and look forward to doing many more seminars.

Many thanks from the bottom of my heart

Sandra, VIC

I want to thank you for encouraging me to do my first seminar. The first one is always the hardest, and I look forward to doing more seminars in the future.

Appreciate your feedback as well. I like positive and constructive feedback. Without you behind me I wouldn’t have done it so thanks again Mark. I owe you Again!

Simon Szmerling, VIC

Being mentored was not in my business plan for 2010, but if I was to write a business plan today, asking Mark for his coaching would be “number one” in my action plan. I find it invaluable to have a sounding board with such a wealth of knowledge. Mark is enabling me to take ownership of my destiny by guarding against complacency. I don’t’ receive lip service from Mark, it’s well considered advice, and even more importantly he is willing to ‘walk the walk’.

An initiative that Mark arranged was a ‘mock interview’, whereby I was the broker and Mark was a potential client. We both took it seriously in order to muster authenticity. Receiving feedback both positive and negative has increased my awareness of my current strengths and weaknesses. Mark offset the good with the bad in a manner that provided me with the impetus to embrace my strengths and target my deficiencies.

Success is never guaranteed, but under the tutelage of Mark I am improving my chances exponentially!

Aaron Rees, VIC

Real Estate Networks

At Loan Market we have established successful referral and business partnerships with a number of large Australian firms, including Australasia’s largest real estate group, Ray White. If you are a looking to make your mark in Real Estate I can introduce you to the people at Ray White who can help you open your own Ray White Franchise.

With over 700 Offices throughout Australia, NZ, South East Asia and Dubai, it’s no wonder Ray White is the market leader in Australasia.

Helpful Finance Tip

Ensuring you have maximum tax deductibility is important, especially when you have personal debt remaining on your home loan or other personal assets. Ensuring you pay off personal debt first before you pay off any tax deductible debt just makes good sense. Ask me how anytime!