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Mary Ramsay

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Mary Ramsay

Mortgage Broker Double Bay, Bellevue Hill, Randwick

A good relationship with your banker or lender can make the world of difference to the success of your property purchase, investment or business and this is exactly what I base my relationship with my customers on. My business as a commercial finance broker is to understand where you have been, where you are and where you want to go in property investment and business and to place you with a bank who will help you achieve your goals.

If you have ever rung your existing banker three times and have not received a response, you need to ask yourself, "Does my bank value my relationship?" If your answer is not "yes", then do something about it - now! Banking is now highly competitive so why accept mediocrity? Don't you deserve better?

My background

I have worked throughout the Sydney metro area including the Easter suburbs for the past 26 years as a residential and commercial lender for one of the major Australian banks before leaving to establish myself as a finance broker.

Commercial lending - make sure you deal with an experienced commercial broker

If you are in business or a developer looking for finance, don't waste your time with inexperienced brokers. They cost you time and money. I understand frustrations clients are faced with day in and day out when dealing with inexperienced lenders and the enormous impact that can have to their business. My expertise includes commercial lending for any type of business, specializing in residential and commercial property development and investment, pubs, clubs, restaurants and accommodation securities.

Commercial & residential property development and investment

The criterion for this area of lending can be demanding and frustrating when trying to raise capital to landbank a site and raise additional capital to meet the cost to complete. Not all lenders require pre-sales and terms and conditions of approval precedent and subsequent, will vary lender to lender, so investigate what the competition is offering, but use a broker who understands what is required for a commercial development to be considered, whether it be for more than four residential dwellings on a single site or an office high rise. Understand the impact a lease will have on a proposal for the acquisition of a commercial property investment. And also what information will you need to submit to the lender for this type of transaction and why. And finally, how this information should be packaged when you present your case to a lender, is where a good broker to make an enormous difference.

Rural purchases, poultry farming and any other rural lending

I know which banks have a specialist rural lending area (or “Agri” lending as it is often known). These special areas of some banks have products and rates especially designed to assist farmers. Rates can be discounted and repayment terms specifically structured around receipt of harvest income annually or bi annually to meet loan reductions as opposed to the traditional month in month out repayment.

Equipment Finance - hire purchase, chattel mortgage, goods mortgage

Finance to acquire used or new motor vehicles including prestige models, truck finance, plant equipment and fit outs is a specialised area where good contacts count. The decision on the structure of equipment finance, whether it be on a hire purchase, lease, chattel mortgage or goods mortgage basis should always be made in consultation with your Accountant as the impact the various types of facilities may have on taxation for the individual or company, may vary industry to industry.

  • Trade Finance
  • Pubs, Clubs and Restaurants
  • Accommodation industry

Lending to medical practices, GPs & dental practitioners

My specialist medical division takes care of the broad finance needs for a number of medical professionals, who are typically very time poor with busy businesses. I have extensive lending experience with the financial requirements for medical and dental practitioners - surgery rooms, financing for goodwill secured practice purchases, secured solely against the goodwill of your purchase or for surgery fitouts, equipment etc.

We also work with medical professional's residential home loans - owner occupied and investment. Some of the major banks have specialist lending areas to deal with Specialists (Surgeons, Pediatricians, Obstetricians, Gynecologists, Eye Specialists, ENT Specialists) Doctors and Dentists. Residential and Business - it is important to ensure that you are both being looked after and getting a great service without paying unnecessary fees.

Risk management - treasury products

Consider mitigating the exposure risk of long term commercial lending with Treasury products which are available with most major banks. Understanding and guidance on how products such as Forward Starts, Swaps & Ranges can impact on holding costs is critical for long term and substantial debt.

Home loans

In addition to any type of commercial lending, I also am accredited with more than 30 residential lenders for home loans and investment home loans. I will travel anywhere in Sydney and the Southern Highlands and will work with a client anywhere in New South Wales initially by phone, email and fax and later with a visit if a proposal is to proceed.

Commercial and business options report

If you want a quick professional assessment of your borrowing capacity or a particular development you are interested in, consider a Commercial Consulting report. For a minimal fee, without obligation, the report will give you an overview of your position and the options available to you, including advice on how to get into the position you need to be to achieve what you want.

What is a business banking or corporate banking relationship?

My definition is:

  • A bank that understands my business;
  • A bank that will support me in the hard times and acknowledge my worth to their business by giving me good advice and aligning my relationship with products and facilities which are appropriate;
  • A bank that will not pass on unreasonable or superfluous fees and charges and will price my facilities realistically and fairly;
  • A bank that will not take every piece of security I have available,whether it is needed no not;
  • A bank that WILL return my calls the same day;
  • A bank that cares.

Your reality is?

  • Is it the above? If not, why not?

My philosophy on life?

Be happy, because you don't get wet until it rains!!! - think about it!


Many of my clients are based in Sydney CBD and the Eastern Suburbs and many others in the Southern Highlands and Bowral. You can contact me at any time up and until 10.00pm seven days a week. Self Employed people don't always have the luxury of working “office hours” and I therefore fit in with my clients hours as opposed to them fitting in with mine.

I refer my clients to Mary Ramsay because I need to work with someone who my clients can trust completely. She is simply the best mortgage broker. Most of the business I send to Mary is well in excess of $1,000,000 (commercial, investment and margin lending) and nothing is straightforward. All my clients want the best deal possible and somehow Mary always manages to make the complex simple plus we get a great deal.
Andrew Hungerford, Financial Planner, Avenue Capital Management, Bowral, NSW

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