Meeting With A Mortgage Broker – What To Expect From Your Consultation

Meeting with a mortgage broker is a useful first step towards achieving your property goals – but what should you expect from the consultation?

After setting up the meeting, you can expect that the broker will meet you at a convenient time and place for free and talk you through your financial standing in order to offer advice.

You'll need to bring 100 points of identification – this can be your passport, drivers license or a state/territory proof of age – your last two payslips, last group certificate, your last two years of tax returns, and your savings and credit card statements.

This is a general guideline to the requirements, but your mortgage broker will advise you about your needs at every stage of the application process.

After meeting with your broker, you will receive a calculation of your borrowing capacity, advice on how to structure your home loans for maximum savings and suitability for your situation – as well as the peace of mind which comes with thorough knowledge.

After all, your mortgage broker is on your side financially – working hard to ensure you get the most favourable finance agreement for your hard-earned cash.

To get more detailed information on your situation, talk to a Loan Market mortgage broker today.

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