Mortgage Broker Profile – Jason Basseal

When you need a property loan in Sydney's Inner West or surrounding suburbs, look no further than loan specialist Jason Basseal.

Jason brings a unique passion for finance and investment markets to his role as a mortgage broker in Bankstown, Earlwood and Strathfield.

Drawing on a background in Economics and Finance and vast experience in finding property finance solutions for a wide variety of buyer types, Jason can work with you to find a loan structure that helps you achieve your property goals.

If you are a first home buyer, he will help you to compare loans based on all their features – often the best loan over the long term won't necessarily be the one with the lowest interest rate!

What's more, Jason has built solid relationships with local professionals that can help you with all aspects of your property purchase – real estate agents, financial planners, solicitors and more.

And for those property deals where speed is of the essence, Jason can provide an unrivalled service. With access to elite clubs with several lenders, he can turn deals around much more quickly than other mortgage brokers.

Get the best loan structure for your situation by talking to Jason Basseal today!

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