Mortgage Broker Profile – Phil Rogers

When it comes to finding the best home loans, you can't get much better than a local expert committed to good old fashioned service.

In North Queensland, that means you can't go past Phil Rogers – a home finance professional who is ready to go above and beyond to find you the best mortgage deal for your situation.

Phil is an experienced mortgage broker in Townsville who prides himself on the relationships he builds with his clients.

As a long-time local of North Queensland who has strong ties to the region, he knows what it takes to succeed in property and business in this great part of Australia and is committed to helping others do so too.

In addition to assisting you with all aspects of the home loan process, he will provide expert guidance through your property purchase and with planning for future investments.

That's because Phil is dedicated to ensuring that your loan finance meets both your short term and long term needs.

Whether you need to create a personalised loan structure, find a more workable debt repayment strategy or position your investment purchase to the best tax advantage – contact Phil Rogers today to get all your home loan finance questions answered.

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