Mortgage Broker’s Clients Have the Voice

A brother and sister duo on the hit show The Voice are generating many fans throughout Australia, but none of their fans may be cheering for them harder than their mortgage broker, Marios Rokka.

The twins, which were chosen to be on Team Ricky after singing Jessie J’s “Nobody’s Perfect” in their audition, have been clients of Melbourne based Loan Market broker Marios Rokka for the past two years and he is beyond thrilled to see their success.

“When I first met with them two years ago, to help them purchase their first home, I wasn’t aware they had such enormous talent. Sebastian had been a producer for ages and I had only heard Bec sing once but to know that she had only just recently start performing in public with Sebastian was a complete shock,” Mr Rokka said.

“The twins are both amazing people and come from a wonderful family and the company they keep is a testament to their big hearts and big talent,” he said.

Mr Rokka said that he was proud of the couple who had worked incredibly hard to get onto the show and thought they had a very good chance at winning.

“Obviously they’re incredibly talented but they’re also very hard working. I’m certain they’ll do very well on the show and I’ll be asking the rest of the team at Loan Market to get behind them,” he said.

Mr Rokka said this wasn’t the first brush of reality television fame for his clients as he’s helped a second place finisher on The Biggest Lose and another contestant on the first season of the Block.

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