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Did you know that buying investment property has proven to be a great way to build wealth over the long term, with some suburbs increasing in value every seven to ten years?

Your Loan Market mortgage broker will help explain to you your investment loan options.

With negative gearing the traditional way of structuring a property portfolio. One of the biggest reasons however, that many investors are limited to one investment property or even sell their investment property, is due to the negative cash flow.

Find below some tips and advice on selecting an investment property:

  • The site should have a good space to build extras such as  a granny flat or pool;
  • The property  should be in a good area that will benefit from capital growth;
  • Ideally have a separate access/entrance to the backyard;
  • Adhere to all local council planning policies i.e. maximum heights, minimum setbacks, adequate parking etc.

Your Loan Market Mortgage broker can help you with different investment loan gearing strategies.

There are many types of investment properties and many more investment property loan options on offer, as well as gearing options to suit different investment strategies. A loan Market mortgage broker will help you do the sums to determine the best investment loan for your individual investment strategy.

Talk to your Loan Market mortgage broker for a free investment loan assessment today.

* Talking to your accountant will give you the appropriate analysis of your specific financial, investment and taxation situation. This is particularly important when you are considering investment relating to your superannuation. Always seek advice from your accountant on investment and taxation rules for your particular situation.


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