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Rob Claxton

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Rob Claxton

Mortgage Broker Albany Creek, Eatons Hill, Everton Park

Experience & qualifications

I have over 23 years experience in the banking and finance industry and over the course of my career have developed valuable knowledge in residential, business and commercial finance, general banking, property management and internal auditing.

My vast finance experience allows me to quickly grasp your situation and find appropriate finance solutions for your property purchase requirements.

My number one goal is to assist each and every client to find the right home loan in a challenging and ever-changing market, and I endeavour to make your home loan search a positive one.

First home buyers

Choosing the right home loan can be a daunting task for the experienced home loan borrower let alone a first home buyer.

How do you know if you qualify for a home loan? What is your borrowing capacity? What are the costs associated with purchasing a house and establishing a home loan borrowing? Should you fix your interest rate or stay with a variable rate? Are all lenders the same?

How these questions are answered will be the difference between a pleasant home purchase experience and a potentially disastrous one. I will ‘hold your hand' through out the entire process, from your initial enquiry through to the settlement of your property purchase and beyond, ensuring you have all the information you need at your fingertips to make the right decision.

Dear Rob, we can't thank you enough for all the help & time you have given us to arrange finance on our first home. Thank you for everything! You made things so easy and explained things in a way that made sense. We don't know what we would have done without you & will recommend you to everyone. Thanks again.
Robert & Amy Brown, Strathpine Qld.

Popular loans in the current market include the no-deposit-style 100 per cent loans, family equity style loans that can allow you to enter the market via assistance from family through the use of equity in a family members property, and shared-property loans which will allow you and a friend to purchase a property together.

I recall recently how a tenant who came down to a local real estate office I work with to simply pay the weekly rent, ended up in the market for a home loan. I had the opportunity to spend 15 minutes chatting with the tenant, and in that time I was able to provide some options for purchasing property now rather than in the future.

Property purchase

Whether it is your first, second or even tenth property purchase, using the services of a mortgage broker can be very beneficial. I've found during my career that no matter how many times you purchase property, each situation has its own unique quirks and challenges.

Many of my clients find it a relief to have the paperwork completed for them, as it saves them the time and hassle of completing forms and chasing approval themselves. I am also experienced at liaising with your real estate agent, solicitor and accountant as required, and have a thorough knowledge of the property purchasing process.


The home loan you first obtained and the lender that provided it may no longer be the loan that most suits your current needs. You should review your loan regularly to determine if your current home loan is still competitive, or if there is a better deal for you available.

If you feel your loan is not the best it could be, the cheapest and easiest option is often to talk to your own lender first. I have successfully negotiated a better deal on a number of occasions at a customers' existing bank without the need to refinance.

After we have spoken with your existing bank or building society, it's also a good idea to check with other banks and lenders to see if they can beat the offer.

If you make the decision to refinance, I can help you work through the costs to ensure this is the right move for you, complete the paperwork and ensure the transfer runs smoothly.

It is wonderful knowing all we have to do is describe what we need and a little while later we get a completed response where all we are required is to sign on the dotted line. Thanks again for all your assistance thus far. Looking forward to hassling you a lot more in the future.
Raahat Dhedhi, Arundel Qld

Property investment

If you're the first time investor or simply looking to increase your property or share portfolio, I can help you to determine the right loan structure for your purchase. I am experienced at working with your accountant and financial planner to meet your investment goals and achieve maximum tax benefits through suitable finance.

Some of the questions I can help you to answer include whether to make Interest Only or Principle and Interest repayments, how paying interest in advance may benefit you, and if the flexibility of a Line of Credit facility will meet your needs.

Over the last 3 1/2 years we have had the pleasure of dealing with Rob Claxton and his team with 7 different mortgages. Rob has proven his worth, time and again, by keeping up with the changing finance world and recommending products and packages which he tailors to suit our evolving portfolio. Rob's team have handled every loan with the minimal of fuss and sheltered us from the minefield of red tape and rigmarole of lenders, ensuring that every loan has been effortless. With a friendly and knowledgeable combination, we know you'll continue your success in a tough market place. We look forward to many more years of dealing with you Rob.
Chris & Laura Staite, Murrumba Downs Qld

If you have multiple investment properties or are planning on expanding your portfolio, I can show you the pros and cons of cross-collaterialisation and help you determine if this loan structure will suit your investment goals.

I can also work through your options when it comes to the proposed security position needed to satisfy the lender's serviceability criteria.

A recent investment challenge I met was for a local doctor whose existing bank declined additional finance for him to expand his property portfolio, because at the time he was unable to provide up-to-date accountant-prepared tax returns. I was able to build a strong case through other income evidence and by raising other mitigating factors. The result - the client's existing bank approved a new loan and the doctor was able to secure his next investment property.

Self-employed/low documentation borrowers

Are you self-employed and unsure what options are available to you when it comes to borrowing money for home loan or business loan purposes? Have you had trouble with lenders who require you to produce the last two years business and personal tax returns have proof of a registered ABN for at least two years?

There are lenders who will provide funds even if in the absence of accountant-prepared tax returns, through the use of Low Documentation (Low Doc) loans. Depending on the complexity of your business structure, these lenders may accept proof of income via a variety of methods, allowing you to secure the finance you require.

Equity finance mortgages (EFM)

An EFM is a relatively new type of loan that is assisting people to enter the property market, by reducing the overall monthly repayment required for your property. In return, you share any increase in the value of your property with the lender when your loan is repaid.

If you are a first home buyer or someone re-entering the property market who is struggling to source the required funds, are refinancing or consolidating debt, an EFM may be the answer for you.

An EFM will cover up to 20 per cent of the value of the property you are purchasing, with the remaining 80 per cent of the purchase price covered by a more traditional home loan. They lower the repayments required on your property purchase because you don't need to make any repayments on the part of the loan that is covered by the EFM, effectively leaving you with repayments on only 80 per cent of the purchase price.

Home loan pre-approvals

A home loan pre-approval is a guarantee from your lender as to how much they will loan you when you find the property you want to purchase, as long as the property meets their security criteria.

A pre-approval gives you a good indication of your borrowing range, allowing you to focus your property search on affordable properties and move quickly when you find the right home.

Your loan will be pre-approved for a particular amount, however you're not locked into borrowing the full figure - you can always borrow less, depending on your needs.

Once you've found your property, simply provide me with a copy of the Contract of Sale and I can progress your application through to a full approval. With the pre-approval process already undertaken, it can take as little as 24 hours for full approval to be granted.

Deposit bonds

There may be times when you simply don't have access to the cash required to meet your deposit obligations, perhaps because you don't wish to break a term deposit or managed investment prematurely, are waiting for the sale of another property, or because you are borrowing 100 per cent of the purchase price. This is where a deposit bond can be very useful.

Deposit bonds are a substitute for a cash deposit which fill the gap between signing a contract and settling on your property. They can be issued for either part or all of the deposit amount, up to 10 per cent of the purchase price.

I am an authorised agent and can arrange a deposit bond on your behalf.

Relocation loans

Relocation Loans are a product that will allow you to purchase that new property now and give you up to six months or more (depending on the lender) to sell your existing house.

With a relocation loan, there is no need to enter into a “Subject to Sale” clause on your new house contract, and it will remove the pressure to accept the first offer on the sale of your existing house if it is not quite the sale price you were after.

Relocation loans can assist with the construction of your new home as well. In this instance many lenders will allow you up to 12 months to sell your existing home.

A true relocation loan will not normally require you to make any loan repayments during the relocation period.

I recently assisted a client with two small children to relocate to a new property. With the addition of their youngest child of four months, they had outgrown their home and were keen to move to a bigger home.

Despite currently operating with only one income, I was able to assist these clients to secure the finance to purchase their new home, move and sell their existing home without much interruption to the family routine.

We would like to thank and acknowledge Rob Claxton for his assistance in brokering a finance package for our new home loan on the Sunshine Coast. Rob's professionalism is second to none and he made this experience easy. Thank you for the thorough, proactive and personalised experience you gave us during this important step in our lives.
Dee and Aine Clinton, Noosaville Qld

Medical practitioners home loan packages

I hold accreditations with several lenders who offer discounts and reduced fee structures for medical practitioners.

I have a comprehensive understanding of the products that each lender offers, and can provide clients with detailed information on these products so they are able to make an informed decision when choosing a home or business loan.

I understand that those who work in the medical profession quite often work long hours and do not have time for an appointment, so I have developed a system of phone, internet and fax communication to source all the required information and documentation to complete their loan application.

Brisbane North customers

I am based in Albany Creek, however I travel to clients across most of Brisbane's northside, including Albany Creek, Eatons Hill, Bridgeman Downs, Aspley, Strathpine, Warner, Kallangur, North Lakes, Margate, Redcliffe, Scarborough, Arana Hills and Ferny Hills.

Interstate borrowers

I am experienced in assisting clients living in QLD to purchase interstate properties, as well as interstate clients wishing to purchase in QLD. I have developed an effective system of telephone, internet and fax communication to source all the information and documentation necessary to complete your finance application and provide you with the information and service you require for your property purchase.

Dear Rob, thank you for all the help you have given Dale and I over the past few months. Your wealth of knowledge, support and clarity on all financial issues as well as the time consuming task of filling out paper work has been most appreciated. Thank you for helping us buy our first home.
Sonya & Dale Ashton, Morayfield Qld

Just dropping a line to thank you for your assistance with the myriad of tasks, problems, propositions we have been handing to you over the past 3 months. From the refinancing of our current home, to the application, valuation etc of several properties. You have assisted us with each project effortlessly and always so promptly. Regardless of whether we chose to go ahead. The appreciation is in terms of many things however 2 factors stood out the most to us:

1. Being busy professionals it is wonderful to have your help filling all those applications time and time again with the same info, sending them to various departments, chasing the departments etc. All this takes a lot of time and effort and I think for the past few times we would have been taking leave from our jobs if not for your assistance.
2. I appreciate our instructions haven't always been the clearest. In a rush to inform you of what we want communication has been lax on our part, adding to this the tonnes of scenarios we question for each project. Thank you for taking the time to decipher what it is that we are saying and being so patient and thorough in your responses and feedback.

Thank you for your assistance with my recent loan to refinance my current mortgage. I just wanted to say your assistance with information, paperwork and helping to get all completed with the least amount of fuss was great. I will certainly use your services again.
Sharon Morrissey, Manly Qld

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