Save Your Money This Winter With These Simple Cost Cutting Tips

Building up savings can be difficult when you’re repaying home loans, debt and the general cost of living these days.

However, there are a few simple ways to save money by cutting the costs of your energy expenditure. Here are just are some of the ways this could be achieved in your home.

Switching off devices at the wall

While this may just sound like an old wives tale, leaving appliances on standby actually can use up a significant amount of energy overnight – especially if you leave them on every night!

Turning things like gaming consoles, microwaves, phone chargers and heated towel rails off when they aren’t in use can go a long way to saving you some money.

Minimise heater dependence

Keeping your windows closed during the evening can help to cut down on how chilly the inside of your house gets during the cooler winter months. Closing the curtains can also help to insulate the warmth in your home.

Wrapping up in blankets and getting cosy on the couch instead of running a heater is another great way to save on electricity.

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