Stop Window Shopping and Start House Shopping

Need help getting started out with planning your home finance?

Why not start your journey by finding out the most important piece of information: how much can I borrow?

Without this handy of knowledge, you'd be a bit like an archer trying to hit a bullseye with a blindfold on.

That's because before you can even think about looking at potential places to buy, you need to know what you can afford.

Otherwise you are flying blind, window shopping, just browsing – and all the other metaphors that mean you aren't seriously looking just yet.

By using a how much can I borrow calculator you can take that blindfold off and get a clear view of your home loan target.

The calculator will allow you to do your sums and find out your borrowing power based on your (and your partner's) income, expenses and the loan interest rate and term length.

Then you can change from window shopping to house shopping – really looking for places you know you can afford and that represent realistic purchase goals.

To get more detailed information on your situation, talk to a Loan Market mortgage broker today.

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