Suzi Trajanovski

Loan Market Business Development Manager Victoria

Suzi Trajanovski

Mobile: 0421 801 010
Phone: +61 3 8554 4627
Fax: + 61 3 8554 4666
Business address: HWT Building Level 17, 40 City Road, Melbourne 3006

My Dedication

Having spent many years in the broker industry as a State Manager I am passionate about helping others build successful businesses.

I am dedicated to helping brokers grow their business and achieve success; I am able to provide support and guidance to our brokers to help them achieve their goals.

Why Loan Market?

A Real Business Partnership

I am often asked why chose Loan Market? The answer for me is easy, and it s the difference in belonging to just another aggregator or building a successful business partner. So often I see examples of the ingenuity of our brokers in the ideas and contributions they present. This is the real difference in our business it’s building successfully and open relationships where ideas are valued and input is encouraged

Leads Leads Leads!

Not only can we provide qualified leads from our call centre, we also have nearly 700 Ray White Offices in our network to develop referral partnerships with.
Leads are important for a successful mortgage broker; a Loan Market partnership can help you build your leads.

Business Planning

At Loan Market we provide a number of business planning initiatives to help you build your business this includes providing a comprehensive pre-written plan to assist brokers in growing their businesses. The important thing to note here is that with business planning we help you with the basics so you can translate the strategy to match your own individual business goals.


Loan Market also has a great team of dedicated marketing experts working for you! It’s as easy as phoning them up or dropping them an email to discuss your needs.

Better still, they will help you design your next brochure or client folder absolutely free of charge. Also included at no cost is a media release and press article writing service, plus you can have your individual web page hosted on the Loan Market website the marketing team is always available to talk.


With over 700 Offices throughout Australia, NZ, South East Asia and Dubai, it’s no wonder Loan Market is the fastest growing retail mortgage broker in Australia.

Helpful Finance Tip: Expand your reach

I encourage every broker that we recruit to ensure they have their very own personalised web page, pro-actively use the Loan Market E-Newsletters, use Twitter / Face book , run seminars and add every person they come into contact with to their data base. It’s all about expanding your reach.

Suzi has been my dedicated BDM for 5 years. When we first met I was working part time as a Broker due to family commitments and now I’m running a business with a team of 5! Suzi has helped with the success of this.

As a BDM one of the greatest strengths they can have is understanding where a Broker is with their current business and where they are going, or want to go in the future. If they really understand this then they can help support a Broker with their dreams and goals. This is one of Suzi’s major strengths and is due to her ability to ‘really listen’…not ‘just listen’.

I  feel as though I have another Business partner, one that I can ask advice from, will go in to bat for me when/if needed, assist with growth of my team and even to run ideas past.

Suzi’s balanced and unbiased approach is amazing and I really admire this side to her as my BDM. Suzi has the ability to communicate with all parties to resolve issues quickly and fairly. I feel as though I’m a pretty lucky Broker!  Sarah Thomson, East Geelong

Our business was recruited to Loan Market by Suzi in 2010 and I cannot speak more highly of the impact she has had on our business. Our decision to join Loan Market was largely based on the meetings we had with her during that process. Since then our business has gone from strength to strength.

I contribute much our success to the support we receive from Suzi and Loan Market. They have assisted us in branding, business planning, marketing and staff recruitment. Suzi has an excellent understanding of our business goals and regularly goes out of her way to ensure these goals are achieved.

Suzi recently advertised on our behalf two job positions and spent two days interviewing potential candidates.  She successfully identified and secured two brilliant employees for our business.  Thanks again Suzi, you’re a gun!  Matt Roulston, Bendigo

At Loan Market we have a 1/45 broker ratio which means we can actually live up to our promise of helping you develop a successful business. Suzi Trajanovski is a real broker’s broker. She has excellent knowledge and solid experience of the mortgage broking and lender areas in our industry. I first knew her when she worked with Macquarie Bank as a BDM and was impressed with her positive attitude and support. Now Suzi is an enthusiastic, energetic and knowledgeable ambassador for Loan Market. She successfully sold me on the merits of broking with a group that has the success of its brokers at the centre of all its activity.

I worked with another aggregator for nearly five years before being recruited by Loan Market.It was the best move I have made. Suzi introduced me to a group that is refreshing, motivated and a positive driving force for successful brokers. That is reflected in her attitude and continuing support whether through direct action or just listening. To all the good brokers who are ready to talk to Suzi about their future business get moving!! She won’t let you down. Bruce Scaf, Victoria