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Size doesn’t matter. So it’s small, don’t let that mean your home has to be cramped, claustrophobic, dark or a design dead end.

There are plenty of savvy things you can do by swapping small for smart. Start by tipping the challenge of limited floor area on its head. If your rooms are taller than they are wide think about accentuating the ceiling or upper parts of the walls with brighter or stronger colours rather than standard white.

If you’re not confident enough to buck orthodox white ceilings go for adding an extra wide cornice painted in a contrasting neutral like grey or black.

Add a statement central light fitting or architectural detail like a ceiling rose. The effect can be surprising, elegant and edgy.

Mirrors are a well-known fall back for small spaces. If your place is seriously space impaired then don’t attempt half measures with mirrors, it’s time to commit and cover an entire wall of a space with a sheet of mirror.

The only art to introducing a mirrored wall into a space is knowing which wall to go for. Often the greatest effect doesn’t come from selecting the most obvious wall. Think about passage ways or using a wall from an adjoining space to create the illusion of multiple spaces leading off each other.

Again, if a full mirrored wall is too scary a prospect for you, opt for clever use of mirrored furniture.

Judicious use of mirrored furniture can do a lot to alter first impressions of a small house. Put it to work for your house or apartment by creating the impression of an entry space, even when there isn’t one.

Try fixing or leaning an extra-large plain, frameless, mirror on a wall that can be seen when entering or exiting the front door. Add a fine mirrored console or mirrored storage cube in front of it. The result will look clean, fresh and uncomplicated.

To maximize the effect and beauty of the mirrored entry piece add an assortment of plain, clear glass vases with a lit candle in each to create a warm welcome for guests or potential buyers.

Alex Honey, Sterling Interiors


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