The Better Side Of Budgeting

Many of us cringe at hearing the word 'budget'. It often goes hand-in-hand with phrases such as 'tightening our belts' and 'establishing self-discipline'.

However, organising a 'b word' does not have to be a groan inspiring task. There are ways of putting together a plan that does not involve drastic lifestyle changes or personal suffering.

To adopt this type of outlook towards your financials, you may wish to take note of the following tips.

1) Establish your goals and write them out. It is much easier to sort out your money situation when you have something to work towards. If you are hoping to buy property for example, write out 'down payment' and 'secure home loans'.

2) Make a list of your income, expenses and everyday expenditure. This will help you to visualise how much money you make versus what you are spending it on. This is where you can trim the fat by opting for home packed lunches a few days a week over eating out all of the time for example.

3) Be realistic. Take baby steps toward building up your savings and sorting out your finances and do not expect miracles to happen overnight. Account for some fun in your budget and don't completely lose the plot if you fall off the wagon for one day.

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