Time For a Home Loan Tune Up?

Are you neglecting your mortgage? You might not realise that you can neglect a mortgage!

It's true though, even if you are making your repayments each month, it's possible that you could be giving your home loan a little bit more TLC.

How you ask? Well think of your loan like a car. You need to give it a service regularly – every now and then you might find that it requires a good tune up.

Perhaps you could get a better deal by switching to a more competitive interest rate. Or maybe you would like a little bit more breathing room and could do with reducing your repayments.

If you have high interest debts, it is possible to consolidate these with your mortgage and move to one simple repayment at a lower interest rate.

A mortgage broker can help you with all of your home loan refinancing needs.

They can even help you to access your equity so that you can fund a second property purchase, holiday or other expense – it might be worth finding out just exactly what is under the hood of your loan!

To get more detailed information on your situation, talk to a Loan Market mortgage broker today.


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