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Trev Shand

Mortgage Broker Bendigo, Marong, Epsom

As the business owner of Loan Market Bendigo my goal is to ensure that all of our clients experience a hassle free finance experience when utilising our services. As a broker myself I focus on ensuring my clients understand everything that is being actioned and understanding the benefits of using a particular product over another or why contributing additional funds may save thousands in the long run.

Loan structuring and placement of a loan is a key strength within our business. Once these have been covered then we would move onto our next strength which is bank and loan product knowledge. Within our business we cover the majority of loan types from First Home Buyers to Self Managed Super Fund Loans.

First Home Buyers

First Home Buyers are a key strength within our business and I have built a good reputation across Bendigo due to this. We appreciate that this is the first time lending such large sums for some of our clients and the whole experience can be daunting. From start to finish we are there for our clients explaining all details along the way, we cover everything from what a finance clause means and why it is important to utilise a solicitor / conveyancer.

Due to being a first home buyer we will utilise any government grants you may be eligible for to assist as a deposit if required.

Refinancing Your Current Home Loan - Should You?

Many people feel that refinancing means moving from one lender to another. Sometimes this can be a good thing, especially when you might be able to save thousands by changing. If there is no financial benefit in changing then we would look to keep you with you current lender and then arrange for you to have access to the requested funds whether these be for home improvements through to debt consolidation.

Debt Consolidation

If you have multiple debts with your mortgage, personal loans and credit cards we can look to have all of these debt rolled into one easy payment onto your mortgage. Further to this you if you don't want to be paying off your car loan over for the next 30 years. You have the option to pay your new mortgage off with the same ‘energy' that you had previously over the multiple debts, if you were able to action this you may be able to save thousands.

Construction Loans

Our business is well experienced within this type of loan request. It may be difficult obtaining this loan type from your bank especially with all the requirements around the lending. We can guide you through the full journey from home loan pre approval through to the receiving of the keys to your new home if requested.

Many people don't realise that there are progress payments that need to be made while your new home is being constructed. We can provide you with the numbers and advise of how you can cover these and you’re other commitments like rent during the construction process. You may also want to include additional items outside of the land and build contract. We now the criteria lenders look at and can cover the costs of these potential items like landscaping, fencing, pergolas and concreting.

Relocation Loans / Construction Purchase

Do you need to sell prior to starting the construction of your new home? We can provide guidance on your options and also provide the repayment options if you chose to look into this option.

Relocations Loans / Established Purchase

If you have found an established home you want to purchase but need to sell your current home first you have options. We can provide you with a loan pre approval for your new purchase based upon a hypothetical sale price to give you comfort. We work closely with real estate agents and solicitors on this subject to ensure that the transition from your current home into your new home is smooth.

Investment Loans

This is a subject that we are very passionate about as this is all about ‘wealth creation'. We look into all different loan structures and loan products that will provide our clients with the maximum tax benefits whilst maintaining minimum debt exposure against the family home. We can also work closely with your accountant if requested.

Cross Secitisation

What is this? Be mindful when setting up your loans that you want to remain in control of your funds. We can advise on the different loan options where you can choose to have your properties tied up all together or look at the options of having your securities as 'stand alone'.

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