Turn Your New House Into A Home

One of the best things about moving into your first house is that you can set about turning it into your first home.

The only snag is that many recent first home buyers might find they lack the funds to get really stuck in and make the drastic changes they'd love to.

While that means the infinity pool might have to go on the to-do list in the meantime, there are nonetheless some thrifty ways of turning your new house into a home.

It's easy being green

Flowers and plants bring life, colour and wonderful scents into your new living areas.

Fill your gallery space

Now that you've got wall space to call your own, you can use it to exhibit all the art and photography that stimulates your senses!

Be bold with colour

If the wallpaper or interior paint doesn't quite do it for you, be bold and repaint walls, a room – or the entire house!

Let the light in

Just because you own a house doesn't mean you need to be stuck inside out of the rays of the sun – open windows and doors and get a real indoor-outdoor flow happening.

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