Winter House Maintenance Tips

Moving from being a tenant into your own home is about as exciting as it gets.

However, like many first home buyers who have come from rental situations, you'll quickly come to realise that you are now the boss and need to take care of maintaining your new home.

Fight dampness

In the cooler months, dampness can be a problem, especially with older homes.

A damp home can result in mould and mildew, paint discolouration as well as affecting your health.

Three things will help you fight dampness: insulation, heating and ventilation.

Clear the gutters

Falling leaves can quickly clog up your gutters, essentially making them useless and leading to overflows and possible damage due to extra weight – mosquitoes can also breed in stagnant water trapped there.

Wait until most leaves have fallen and then give your gutters a good clean before winter sets in!

Keep a garden; not a jungle

It can be easy to neglect the garden, yet just a few weeks without attention and it may quickly become a densely overgrown patch with its own ecosystem!

Don't let yours get away on you! Go green and spend some regular time weeding, pruning, watering and planting to keep it looking great.

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