Zarko Jokic – Academy Manager NSW/ACT



Mobile: 0403 941 201
 (02) 8016 3817      
+61 2 9271 1906
Business address: Level 17, 135 King Street, Sydney 2000

I work with people within my team to find their strengths and challenge their weaknesses to drive better results through focus and process improvement. People are inherently good. People will be positive when the environment they find themselves in is positive.

I am passionate about finding the good and positive in people that I work with and using that to grow successful finance and mortgage broking businesses.

Looking for a Career in Mortgage Broking: Why Choose Loan Market?

When I joined Loan Market it felt like coming home. The business model is conducive to doing good things with good people. My experience working with Loan Market has been my most rewarding business experience. The people, the model and the execution all work to deliver quality results.

The Loan Market Broker Academy is a small to medium size and high touch model. I work intensively with people in my team to ensure they are realising their potential and utilising the Loan Market resources at their disposal. This allows members of my team to achieve their goals and build successful businesses.

Loan Market Business Planning

Members of the Broker Academy work on business planning as a continuous exercise as they grow their businesses. Without planning, there is no business. Through the structured and consistent one-on-one interactions with members of my team we work to achieve and exceed specified goals. As success is attained new challenges and goals are added to the plan and the process continues.

Marketing Support at Loan Market

At Loan Market we have a team of dedicated marketing professionals to help you with your marketing strategy. Some of the services offered by Loan Market Marketing include:

  • Free in-house design service
  • Comprehensive marketing collateral
  • Fully optimised Websites and webpages
  • PR and media services
  • Targeted Social media
  • Car and Shop front signage

The marketing team are always available to assist you with your marketing needs and can even help you develop a marketing strategy for your business.